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Whether you're into art, or you want to dive head first into local traditions and explore the most hidden little alleys, or if just enjoying the view is more your thing, Hotel Piazza Bellini is the fulcrum of it all. We’re in the heart of the historical center, within walking distance of Naples’s must see and must experience attractions.

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San Severo Chapel
MANN Museo Archeologico Nazionale (National Archeological Museum)
Farmacia degli Incurabili
Museo Madre
Underground Naples
San Gregorio Armeno
Duomo and Treasure of St. Januarius
Monastero Santa Chiara
Quartieri Spagnoli
Castel Sant’Elmo
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3, 2, 1… Let’s enjoy Napoli!

The gems of the historical center are all within walking distance from us.

Ask our reception desk for tips and information on the city’s attractions and for help organizing tours tailored to your needs.

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2 min

The Decumani - Maggiore, Inferiore and Superiore - are the three main roads of the historical center. This grid dates back from the original Greco-Roman city of Neapolis and is a UNESCO Heritage Site. They go from Via dei Tribunali to Spaccanapoli and outline the city’s liveliest area, where one can breathe the culture and genuineness of Neapolitan tradition.

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San Severo Chapel Museum

5 min

This chapel, an example of baroque creativity, beauty and mystery, was commissioned by Prince Raimondo di Sangro and is famous for the Veiled Christ statue, a true masterpiece by Giuseppe Sanmartino and a work of indescribable loveliness. The chapel’s labyrinth-tiled floor and frescoed ceiling make this chapel even more beautiful. A true gem of Neapolitan art, and internationally acknowledged as such.

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MANN Museo Archeologico Nazionale (National Archeological Museum)

7 min

The National Archeological Museum of Naples (MANN) is one of the world’s most ancient and most important, for the uniqueness of its estate. Home of Italy’s richest archeological collection, it contains the main findings of the Pompeii and Herculaneum sites, including precious objects of Roman times. It also boasts a famous Egyptian archeological section. 

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Underground Naples

8 min

Not all of Naples is out in the open. Its hidden and irresistible face is 40 meters deep and is populated with archeological findings such as a theater and an aqueduct from Roman times, as well as a labyrinth of tuff galleries and quarries used by Neapolitans as bomb shelters during WWII. Get ready to experience that unique atmosphere amongst remains of ancient machines and scooters.

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Duomo and Museum of the Treasure of St. Januarius

10 min

Dating back from the 13th century, the Duomo, devoted to Santa Maria Assunta, is home to magnificent frescoes by Luca Giordano. Every year it opens its welcoming doors to thousands of Catholics who flock over to witness of the miraculous liquefaction of the blood of St. Januarius. From the most beautiful of its chapels, visitors can enter the Museum of the Treasure of St. Januarius, which tells the singular story that binds the city of Naples to its patron saint, using unique and priceless jewels.

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Via San Gregorio Armeno

8 min

San Gregorio Armeno, the street of nativity scenes, between Via dei Tribunali and Spaccanapoli, is one of Naples’ most characteristic streets. Home to expert nativity scene makers, it is visited by tourists and Neapolitans who want to embellish their own domestic nativity scenes with new elements, whether traditional or inspired on international headlines. Open all year round.

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Quartieri Spagnoli

15 min

It’s in the Quartieri Spagnoli (“Spanish Neighborhoods”) that real life takes place, where the authentic Naples happens. Laundry hanging out to dry, chasing the sun across incredibly narrow alleys, people chatting across the street from one balcony to another, the intense scent of simmering sauce, coffee bubbling from Italian moka pots. A dive into the soul of Naples that you just can’t miss.

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Monumental Complex of St. Claire

7 min

The monastic complex of St. Claire is one of Naples’s most beautiful, especially for its majolica-lined cloister, so lovely it seems to have been picked out from a painting. The museum's 16th-century frescoes its own halls are stunning and are home to archeological findings and sculptures.

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13 min

In the historical heart of Naples, on the “street of museums”, there is one that is anything but traditional: MADRE - Museo d’arte contemporanea Donnaregina. Taking up three floors of the 18th-century Palazzo Donnaregina building, the museum contains a permanent collection of contemporary art works next to temporary exhibits that are held over the year.

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Farmacia degli Incurabili

8 min

A historical pharmacy inaugurated in 1700, next to Ospedale degli Incurabili, built after the plague epidemic in the 15th century. After a complex restoration process, the Farmacia was reopened in 2012, showing itself as it was when it was built: furnished with walnut root furniture and cabinets sculpted by ebony carpenter Agostino Fucito, bottles and vases made of multicolor antique ceramics, and the painting by Pietro Bardellino Macaone che cura un guerriero ferito (Machaon healing an injured warrior) embellishing the ceiling.

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Hotel in a very practical location for visits to the historical center and to get to a subway station.

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