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100% Naples

Do it the Neapolitan way

Deep Naples

Naples gets to you and will never leave. It will drag you into its narrow alleys, bring you into people’s chatter, surprise you with a basket lowered down from a balcony above you. Naples is much more than a city. Naples is life. Crowded, intense, boasting bright, sometimes garish colors, it should always be experienced in full. 

Naples like a Neapolitan

Thanks to our Neapolitan staff, you’ll be able to enjoy the true and original Naples, between alternative itineraries and roads less traveled. True local experiences!

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Neighborhood street markets

Attended by the well-off inhabitants of the neighborhood, the Posillipo market displays brand shoes, clothes that might as well be on display windows of downtown boutiques, fabrics and cosmetics at excellent prices, and all of this within walking distance of the extraordinarily beautiful Virgiliano Park. The Poggioreale market, in the neighborhood of the same name, is the city’s most popular street market, with stalls selling clothes, shoes and household items. The ancient Pignasecca market is the most singular in the city, and the best place to buy food, including super fresh fruits and seafood. The Antignano market, in the Vomero neighborhood, boasts a wide range of clothes and shoes at convenient prices.

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True Neapolitan pizza

In Naples, pizza is an institution. It is an absolutely must have. Pizzerias you can’t miss? Gino Sorbillo, pizza makers for generations and with a calling; Da Michele (the most ancient, open since 1870) only sells the two traditional flavors, Margherita and Marinara; Starita has dozens of flavors; Di Matteo, spartan but attended by true Neapolitans; and La Notizia, of master Enzo Coccia. Many gourmet pizzerias have been popping up lately as well.

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Secret Naples

The lesser known face of Naples will charm and surprise you. The Fontanelle Cemetery in the Sanità Neighborhood, the antique workshop of the Ospedale delle Bambole (Doll Hospital), Farmacia degli Incurabili, the ancient Roman Theater of Neapolis, underground Naples, the Bourbon Tunnel... All pieces of an amazing puzzle. This is Naples, baby!

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Street Food

Street food can be found everywhere in Naples, so you can eat no matter what time it is as you visit the city. Satisfy your taste buds with delicacies you won’t find anywhere else. Among the local specialties are the “wallet” pizza, perfect to eat on the go, and fried pizza (La Masardona, Sorbillo pizza fritta), with its dough filled with ricotta, cicoli and mozzarella. If you love fried foods, taste the cuoppo (Fiorenzano), consisting of zeppoline, panzarotti, crocchè, rice balls, and pasta omelette. Wrap up your street lunch with a babà, a sfogliatella pastry or an ice cream cone at one of the famous bakeries or ice cream parlors (Scaturchio, Pintauro, Gay Odin, Poppella). To help with digestion, have a fresh lemonade at one of the many acquafrescai (kiosks) spread pretty much everywhere (Aurelio at Torretta).

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Unknown Posillipo

The Posillipo neighborhood is located on a hill of the same name, and though it’s a residential, well-off area, it's rich in traditions and poetry. This neighborhood is home to treasures that are less known by tourists, but are extraordinary nonetheless. The seabed of the marine area of the Gaiola Submerged Park is populated with remains of ports, water lilies, and fish farms; there are also Borgo di Marechiaro and the Archeological Park, where you can visit Grotta di Seiano. The Virgiliano Park is the green lung of Posillipo and the view from it is breathtaking: a single glance spans Procida, Ischia, Capri, the Gulf of Pozzuoli, the Vesuvius, and the Sorrentine peninsula. You can visit the neighborhood with a Citysightseeing panoramic tour.

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Unique experiences in Naples

With Napoli in Vespa you can visit the city while riding an antique scooter. A unique experience indeed. Admire Naples from a different point of view, rocked by the sea waves; Kayak Napoli organizes excursions in kayak, canoe, or stand-up paddle so you can discover Naples and its villas, the wild side of Posillipo, and experience the unique emotion of a sunset at the Gulf of Naples. In the low season months, make sure you grab the chance to enjoy the Posillipo sea and the mild weather at Bagno Sirena right next door to historical Palazzo Donn’Anna, in an area where Neapolitans have been spending their holidays for a very long time.

Everywhere I’ve been to around the world, I’ve always noticed a bit of Naples was needed.

Luciano De Crescenzo
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